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In our new location, the Terre Haute Martial Arts Academy (THMAA) has a lot to offer any martial arts enthusiast. THMAA has several instructors, each focusing on different skill sets.

THMAA has programs that are tailored for any age student in most any health condition. We also have clasees that range from beginner to advanced. At THMAA, you will not be asked to sign a contract that commits you for any time period. We want you to stay enrolled because you choose to continue, not because you are financially commited due to signing a contract. There are NO CONTRACTS required at THMAA.

We hope you'll come in and see for yourself what THMAA has to offer. Feel free to ask the students what they think and if they are happy with their choice of schools. This is a decision that will impact you and /or your family for life. What is taught at THMAA will be useful in your whole life from personal challenges, to business decisions, to being the best student one can be. There are no limitations as to what the martial arts world has to offer. We encourage you to check out as many schools as possible prior to making a decision where to study and to choose a school that fits your personal needs. While we hope that school will be the Terre Haute Martial Arts Academy, it is more important that you end up in a school that inspires you to challenge yourself physically as well as mentally.

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